About us

Chaperone is the first online marketplace of personalized career development for scientists. On this platform, science students and professionals can browse and book online 1-to-1 sessions with career consultants (career advisors, counselors and coaches).



Our Consultants can help you with many questions related to your career in science

Should I do a PhD?

How can I improve my CV and motivation letter?

Academia to industry: how to make the transition?

Will I ever be a Group Leader?

How can I work with my colleagues more effectively?


… and many more!

Career Advisor

Advisors have experience in achieving what you want to achieve. Get their insights!

Career Counselors / Specialists

Trained in career guidance, they can help you explore your attributes and interests in relation to your career options.

Career Coaches

Get continuous help from someone certified in coaching and experienced in leading scientists to their career goals and excel at the highest level.

If you are a scientist

  • 1 Find what you are looking for
  • 2 Book a session with a career specialist
  • 3 Pay for the session
  • 4 Join the session
  • 5 Review the consultant

If you’re a career consultant

  • 1 Send us your CV or LinkedIn and a declaration of interest
  • 2 Review our joining conditions
  • 3 Edit your online profile
  • 4 Tell your network how they can book online sessions with you

If you represent a career development office or an institutionWe have an Institutional Plan for those institutions who wish to offer 1-to-1 career sessions to their staff and students.

  • 1 Tell us how large is your institution and what are you looking for
  • 2 Review our pricing plans
  • 3 Pick the most convenient option
  • 4 Tell your community how they can benefit from Chaperone

Who we are

Designed by scientists for scientists.

Chaperone was created in 2019 by Pedro Resende and Joana Moscoso, two researchers in Life Sciences, after hearing and experiencing the challenges associated with a career in their field.

Chaperone was designed to empower scientists by connecting them with experienced career consultants.

If you have any questions please contact us.