Amy Sanford

Career Counselor/Specialist

Country of action: All countries Languages: English
  • 100.00 / 1 hour


Are you a scientist wondering where to start with your job search or maybe you need a mock interview for an upcoming job application? Consider booking an appointment with me. With over twenty years of experience in career consulting, (including career counseling researchers and life scientists at Harvard University, Karolinska Institutet, and AstraZeneca), I have coached and advised master's degree, PhD, and postdoc clients to successfully navigate their job search, whether in academia or industry. Industry experience as a recruiter gives me insight into how candidates can best thrive in the hiring process. Interview preparation, building a professional network, negotiating skills, and writing an effective cover letter, CV or resume are all topics I have facilitated workshops on, as well as provided one-on-one counseling in person and via video conferencing. While at Harvard, I regularly presented career topics to researchers at Harvard Medical School and the Harvard Postdoc Office. After the Global Financial Crisis, I spearheaded the Harvard Analytics Academy, training researchers and life scientists to transfer their analytical skills into the growing career field of Data Science. In collaboration with Harvard Business School and Harvard's Innovation Lab, I taught researchers and life scientists entrepreneurial skills, which I continued with Silicon Valley-based accelerators for start-ups, in Sweden. Learn how to become a prompt engineer, the most in-demand job thanks to ChaptGPT. As the former Chair of the International Careers Consortium in Boston, I have served as an international student advisor in the United States and am knowledgeable about the US visa process for researchers and life scientists seeking postdocs and US-based employment. Coaching researchers and life scientists to market themselves on social media, from LinkedIn to Twitter, I have helped many clients develop their personal brands and can help you too. Not sure where to start? I can help you with getting started on your job search through the self-assessment tool best suited for you, ranging from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to Clifton Strengths Finder. Set up an appointment with me today!

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